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Servtech is one of the oldest,largest, locally owned & operated company in UAE delivering the Instrumentation & Calibration Services since 1991. Servtech is employing more than 70 employees of different nationalities.

Servtech Weights and Measurements Lab, a high-tech repair shop equipped with state-of-the-art calibration and testing equipment supported by highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

Documentation & Certification

Servtech Weights and Measurements Lab lays great emphasis on documentation from start to finish, including inspection, test, calibration and other pertinent information. You will find Servtech Weights and Measurements Lab’s servicing & maintenance manuals meet all your needs. All instrumentation and calibration jobs are certified, to meet the international standards.

Servtech is accredited by:

Servtech has been certified to ISO-9001: 2015 standard by Bureau Veritas Quality International. Its calibration laboratory meets ISO/IEC Guide 25 standards. All tests are carried out as per the company’s Quality Procedures based on Manufacturer’s recommended specifications/procedures and International Standards as applicable. All Test equipments used by Servtech are traceable to National/International Standards such as UKAS(U.K), NPL , NIST (U.S.A) , DKD. Some of our process are accredited by Dubai Accreditation Department (DAC)

We are committed to continuous improvement of all our products and services to meet or exceed our customer’s needs.

Why to chose Servtech Weights & Measurements Lab?

  • Oldest,  locally owned & operated, hence the more experienced & best service providers

  • Instrumentation, Calibration, Weight & Measurement of all kinds of instruments under one roof

  • Pick & Drop service for instruements

  • Onsite Testing, Instrumentation & Calibration services

  • Using latest technology

  • Highly trained and experienced staff.


  • Oil & Gas

  • Petrochemical

  • Power & Water 

  • Marine

  • Offshore Industries

  • Process Industry

  • Hospitality

  • Chemical Processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Metals e.t.c

Servtech is committed to provide best services to its customers

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