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274-106 Al Qusais Industrial Area 4,
Al Qusais, Dubai UAE

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Self-reliance in Control & Instrumentation and the growing need for a local support organization for the supply of instrumentation and control systems were the prime objectives when Binghalib Group started operation in 1981.


Realizing the importance of a local servicing needs, we have established in 1991 service and maintenance facility, 'SERVTECH', dedicated to the service of field valves, flow meters, instrumentation and control systems related to Oil, Power, Water, Petrochemical, Gas and Process Industry.


Inspection and overhauling of WHRBs, Boilers, Deaerators, NG system and Aux.

Mobilization of required skilled manpower, tools/non-spark tools, tested and & certified rigging tools, lifting frame, lapping machines & special tools etc. to our client, Jebel Ali power station in advance and after getting confirmation from our client.

No major repair works are anticipated in this scope; however, the contractor shall do any minor repair (with duration of one day).

Air preheater inspection (For D station, phase-1 &2) can be done by the contractor if they have the previous experience or Contractor may mobilize third party who have the experience in APH overhauling. The third party shall be approved by client prior to start of work. All detail drawings related this work shall be provided by our client. The following activities has been carried out for Inspection of Air Pre heater:


 1) Preparatory work for APH water wash includes, manhole doors opening, drain line dummy removal firefighting nozzles choke removal and mopping                         up of APH after water wash.

2) Cold and Hot end side elements to be packed tight with wedges and APH connecting duct casing inspection and repair.

3) Inspection, Repair or renewal of radial, axial, by pass and post seals of cold and hot end side and adjustment of the seal GAP as per client engineer                          advise.


 4) Inspection and servicing of support bearings at both ends and Renewal of seal for the support bearings. Balancing of Air heater rotor as per client                           guide line by fixing/removal of additional weights.

5) Lubrication system overhauling including tank cleaning, oil renewal, pumps inspection and servicing and water heat exchanger cleaning.

6) Inspection and servicing of main drive gear box, lube oil replacement and adjustment of the pinion gap as per engineer advise.

7) Inspection and Servicing of Air drive motor & it’s lubrication system.

8) Box up and trial run of APH.

For burner inspection the following activities shall be carried out by the contractor.


Erection of sky climber inside the furnace.


Removal and Inspection of the HFO & DFO Oil gun, atomizer inspection, lapping, and refaxing

Renew the O ring for the quick couplers. Inspection/ replacement of fuel and air hoses.

Easing and servicing and lubrication of Primary Air Register Drum and its actuator, Secondary air vanes and its actuator and Burner Air Register Ring dampers. 

Inspection of burners from inside the furnace for NG nozzles, swirlwer, matrix plate, throat refractory etc and replacement of the damaged mechanical parts and repair of burner throat refractory.

Easing and lubrication of burner connection valves.

For hot spot rectification removal and refixing of required liner plates and insulations, rethreading/replacement of the insulation fixing studs shall be arranged the contractor.

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Our customer centered approach focusses on solutions that provide added value for your business. Our continuous efforts to keep at technological heights helps to bring in a change in the region. Calibration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of instruments have never been easier with the lowest lead time and high end quality.

Technological Upgradation In Calibration                                          98%


Enhanced Business Model                                                              90%

High Technical Competency                                                            85%

Customized solutions for your instruments                                       100%

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