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Servtech's dimensional calibration services are designed to ensure that your hand tools and measuring instruments provide reliable, precise, traceable measurement results.

Servtech's trained technicians provide expert calibration of all types of precision dimensional gauges, and hand tools. Our dimensional laboratory is environmentally controlled ensuring the correct atmosphere for the precise measurements your instruments require.

The Dimensional Calibration Process:

Calibration is carried out by comparing the test instrument with most accurate and traceable standard to confirm if the unit under test meets standards criteria. The details of the calibration result is reported on calibration certificate.

After the completion of the service, we will provide you with the calibration certificate/test report of your instrument & the service done.

Our Capabilities includes but not limited to:

  • Gauge Blocks Calibration

  • Inside Micrometers Calibration 

  • Outside Micrometers Calibration 

  • Depth Micrometers Calibration 

  • Thickness Gauges Calibration

  • Paint thickness Gauge Calibration

  • Vernier Calipers Calibration

  • Measuring Tapes Calibration

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