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Servtech is one of the oldest, largest, locally owned & operated company in UAE delivering the Instrumentation & Calibration Services since 1991. Servtech is employing more than 70 employees of different nationalities.

Servtech Weights and Measurements Lab, is a high-tech Laboratory  equipped with state-of-the-art calibration and testing equipment supported by highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

Our Capabilities

Our dimensional capabilities includes but not limited to: Gauge blocks, Inside Micrometer Calibration, Outside Micrometer Calibration, Depth Micro --------

Our electrical capabilities includes but not limited to: Ammeters, Clamp on Meters, Multimeters, HV Insulation / Continuity Testers ---------

Our humidity capabilities includes but not limited to: Hygrometer Calibration, Data Logger Calibration, Dew point meter ------

Our mass capabilities includes but not limited to: Weight Calibration  Balance Calibration (Scale Calibration)-------------------------------

Our pressure capabilities includes but not limited to Barometers, Chart Recorders, Dear Weight Tester (Pressure Balance)-------

Our temperature capabilities includes but not limited to Gauge Indicators, Probes (RTD, Thermo-Couples), Glass Thermometers-------

Our torque capabilities includes but not limited to  Torque Multipliers Calibration, Torque Wrench Calibration-----

Our velocity capabilities includes but not limited to Anemometers ,Air Velocity Meters, Rotary Vane Anemometers-----

Instrumentation & Calibration at your door step.

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