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Servtech Mass Calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring tools . 

The Process of Mass Calibration:

We equipped with a number of scales designed to handle mass calibration of standards and instruments at various weights and accuracies. The calibration entails a weight comparison from the scale readout against a known standard or mass value. The precision mass standards used for calibration are of a known accuracy.

Calibration is performed in a lab with constant temperature and humidity control to ensure that instruments are stabilized before and during measurement. The controlled room is maintained at 68°F ± 1°F with 50-60% relative humidity

After the completion of the service, we will provide you with the calibration certificate/test report of your instrument & the service done.

Our Capabilities includes but not limited to:

  • Weights Calibration 

  • Balance Calibration (Scale Calibration) 

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