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Servtech Torque Calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring tools.

The reference for the calibration procedure are BS 7882: 1997, BS26789: 1994 and ISO 6789:1992

Range is from 10Nm to 2000Nm

The Process of Torque Calibration:

“As Received” data is logged for all instruments based on predetermined test points. Torque Calibration requirements are generated from a number of resources including manufactures, ANSI/ASME, Federal Specifications as well as customer requirements.

Torque wrench calibration, screwdriver (preset) and torque sensor calibration makes use of a torque system with the option to select the appropriate transducer for the range of the instrument from among multiple choices. Torque multipliers are also calibrated with transducers, but require the use of two. One transducer measures the generated torque input while the other measures the torque output.

Torque testers, torque watches and transducers are calibrated with torque wheels, arms to determine the torque generated.

Any adjustments made during calibration are recorded as “As Left” data.  Both are reported on the Calibration Certificate, along with the calibration results.

Periodic Torque tool calibration and re-calibration ensures the operator repeatable accuracy and meeting the international standards.

After the completion of the service, we will provide you with the calibration certificate/test report of your instrument & the service done.

Our Capabilities includes but no limited to:

  •          Torque Multipliers Calibration

  •          Torque Wrench Calibration

torque calibration in UAE

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