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Servtech HRSG Maintenance and Auxiliary Boiler Maintenance


Servtech Technical Services specializes in system conceptual maintenance of HRSG, Auxilary Boiler, Air Preheater(APH), and Pressure Vessels Inspection. Having established in the year 1993 in Dubai, UAE with high quality, safety, and timeline.

We are one of the experienced leading solutions providing a spectrum of services in the power and infrastructure sectors. Our maintenance inspection includes steam boilers, Centrifugal fans, Axial Fans, High-Pressure Vessels, Expansion Bellows, Pipe Penetration seals, Filters Inspection, thermal oil heaters, Air Preheater (APH), and specialized services.

The Company has built the best team of skilled technicians and qualified engineers. The Company is equipped with all modern equipment and testing instruments for identifying and rectifying defects in rotating and non-rotating parts of the plants. We are able to provide optimized and versatile solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. Continue maintenance and servicing will ensure that your industrial boiler will be safe, reliable, and economical, whilst also extending its life.


  • Pressure Vessel Maintenance and Refurbishment

  • Boiler Manhole Door Maintainenece, Refurbishment.

  • Boiler Refractory maintenance, refurbishment, or renewal.

  • Preparatory work for APH water wash includes manhole door opening, drain line dummy removal firefighting nozzles choke removal, and mopping up APH after water washing.

  • Inspection, Repair, or renewal of radial, axial, bypass, and post seals of cold and hot end sides and adjustment of the seal GAP as per client engineer's advice.

  • Boiler valve maintenance, and refurbishment.

  • Boiler tube maintenance refurbishment.

  • Oil and Gas Burners Nozzle Maintenance and Refurbishment.

  • Boiler Linear plates hotspot rectification removal and refixing of required liner plates and insulations, rethreading/replacement of the solution fixing studs shall be arranged by the contractor.

  • NG Filters Maintenance

  • Boiler BOP Pipe Line inspection and refurbishment.

  • Boiler Inspection Services will provide Third Party Authorised Inspector(AI)

By performing annual HRSG maintenance, power plant operators can ensure that their equipment operates at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing output. With proper maintenance, HRSG boilers can provide reliable and cost-effective power generation for many years.

HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) maintenance is crucial for ensuring the efficient operation and longevity of HRSG boilers. These boilers are an essential component of combined cycle power plants and play a critical role in generating electricity.


HRSG maintenance involves a range of activities, including regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs. Proper maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

During routine inspections, technicians check for leaks, corrosion, and other issues that can affect the boiler's performance. They also clean the tubes and the drum to remove any buildup of scale or debris that can hinder heat transfer and reduce efficiency.

In addition to routine maintenance, HRSG boilers require occasional major repairs or upgrades. These may include replacing or repairing damaged components, upgrading the control system, or retrofitting the boiler to meet new regulations or performance standards.

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