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Self-reliance in Control & Instrumentation and the growing need for a local support organization for the supply of instrumentation and control systems were the prime objectives when Binghalib Group started operation in 1981.


Realizing the importance of a local servicing needs, we have established in 1991 service and maintenance facility, 'SERVTECH', dedicated to the service of field valves, flow meters,instrumentation and control systems related to Oil, Power, Water, Petrochemical, Gas and Process Industry.



Servtech has gained considerable experience in valves overhauling. All Valves are, cleaned by suitable methods, thereafter inspected to ensure they are within manufacturers tolerance to be put back into service in the valve. Valves could be removed easily from the line and repaired at a qualified workshop under Servtech supervising. Servtech had already designed and built some portable machines which could be installed inside the valve to perform any type of repair work. Together with the   high-qualified expertise of our supervisors - who know what type of welding, hard-facing, refractory, machining or repair is required - these portable machines have successfully gained our customers' approval by solving many problems which were regarded difficult to tackle.

Preliminary meetings are held to discuss any problem experienced during the valve operating life. Then Servtech prepares a technical recommendation providing the solution to the specific problem.

We have successfully performed repair works and maintenance all over the GCC. Several competitors' valves have been repaired, overhauled or retrofitted by Servtech.



Valve refurbishment is one of SERVTECH specialties. The type of Valves which are being handled by us includes Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Butterfly Valves and Control Valves of sizes ranging from ½ inch to 36 inch and pressure class from ANSI 150 to 2500 and API 10,000. The actuator includes, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical of various types. The standard covered by us includes ANSI, API, BS, DIN, JIS and various other International Standards.

As is known, valves are the equipment through which the process medium flows and this medium is in direct contact with the valve body, bonnet and trim components and hence these parts should have high quality and reliability. Any relaxation in quality of these parts will effect the function of the valve and its failure can result in loss of production, material, equipment and even human life. Therefore, it has become essential to refurbish the valves with utmost care and under stringent quality control. For meeting these requirements, SERVTECH has a well equipped valves refurbishment set up with modern equipment and well trained personnel in UAE.



When no upstream valves are available, the only option for isolation is a freeze plug.

Servtech well trained engineers and technicians have carried out many freezing projects over the last 15 years without a single plug failure or accident. Our excellent safety record is due to the fact that we constantly monitor all parameters such as temperature during the freezing process in real time to give our engineers a clear picture of what is happening in the line during the freezing process.

Put simply, Pipe freezing is a non-intrusive, controlled method of providing pipeline isolation, through the application of liquid nitrogen. The pipework freezing process begins by drawing out the heat from the product within the pipe until it reaches a temperature below its freeze point until eventually the product freezes to form an internal ice plug.

The major advantage of liquid nitrogen or water pipe freezing is that a ‘break-in’ can be performed without incurring the costs and down-time of a complete system drain down.​



Pressure safety valves are installed on process equipment to release excess pressure due to faulty process operations. The safety valve serves to protect life and property. Failure of pressure safety valves to function properly could result in serious damage of vessels, exchangers, boilers or other equipment. It is essential to maintain pressure safety valves and relief valves in good condition. Periodic testing is one of the most important elements to ensure that the safety valves will provide this important protection.The most desirable type of test is one that subjects the pressure relief valve to the full operating conditions that it is to endure in practice. Our system enables you to test your spring operated safety valves on site without interrupting the process operation. With this so called ‘hot testing’ the safety valve stays on-line and no dismantling of the valve or plant shut-down is required.

  • Valve Set Pressure      

  • Spring Adjustment

  • Valve Displacement 

  • Re-seat pressure 

  • Effect of the nozzle and guide ring 



A hydrostatic test is performed to determine the integrity and soundness of pressure vessels and piping joints. A decrease in the applied pressure or leakage through the products or joints or plastic deformation or distortion or bulging in the product is indication of inadequate quality of the product under test.  

This test method is also termed as Leak testing (based on the principles of leakage during pressurised condition) and Pressure Drop Test (based on the principles of decrease in pressure during test due to unacceptable discontinuities). It is also the most common method often employed and it is the one of the most reliable test methods when determining the integrity and soundness of the vessel. Some of the standards permits hydrostatic test as a substitute for other expensive non-destructive test methods. 

This test is preferred over pneumatic test due to safety reasons. Hydrostatic test method is applied on the newly manufactured pressure equipments, after alterations, repairs and before recommissioning stage.

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Servtech Technical Services is one of the biggest service company in the Binghalib Group. Servtech offers more than 20 years of experience providing services to the Oil & Gas, Power, Water & Offshore

274-106 Al Qusais Industrial Area 4,
Al Qusais, Dubai UAE

04 207 3888

04 267 2335

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