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    Welcome to Servtech Group

Locally owned & operated group of Gulf committed to provide best Instrumentation, Valves & Flow Metering services since 1991


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Servtech Valves Division service, repair & testing facility is equipped with the state of the art machines and is run by the industry's most experienced personnel. At MBE we are capable valves hydrotesting, overhauling, SRV online testing,​

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Welcome To Servtech

Servtech Technical Services LLC is a full mechanical maintenance and service company in conventional and safety valve repair and testing, HRSG Boiler maintenance, and Turbine maintenance serving a wide range of industrial applications. We deliver a complete package of solutions based on the optimal combination of technology, agile response, and expedited project completion.

Our services deliver exceptional value with a team of repair professionals and access to resources and parts to react quickly to customers' requests.

About Us

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About us

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We Work With Global Industries!

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Our Vision

Servtech is all about creating stories & unparalleled solutions. A clear direction on where to head helps us better our performance. We thrive to create value through our process chain & our vision and mission are our driving force to excellence.

Work diligently to better customer performance, making Servtech a solutions leader.

Offer groundbreaking solutions that are innovative, economical & sustainable by building a creative team & spreading optimism within, which in-turn proliferates customer performance.

Our Culture

Servtech is committed to provide the economy with the highest quality, environmental and health safety standards. Our principles and management system frameworks are carefully framed to lure focus on continually strengthening our quality system and offering the best services and products to businesses around the world and the UAE. Quality and safety for our customers is Servtech's top priority which we apply throughout our process.

Out Of The Box Solutions

Customized solutions to help your business. Understanding your needs effectively.

High-End Innovations

We live to innovate & are adventurous in bringing new methods before our peers.

High End Technology

Technology that can save you time and cost. Automation that enhance efficiency.

Services We Offer

High-Quality Services Of Multiple Industries

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Our Commitments

Servtech's culture is deeply rooted in its value and vision. Our focus on openness and honest communication helps in building collaboration between ourselves, while our flexibility and diversity help in creating a notion in which people share values and knowledge freely and compete as a team which brings out the best in everyone. Our culture extends way beyond business practices and helps our people to be owners and innovators of their processes and passions.

We are a team of adventurous, challenging, and vision-driven individuals, who passionately aspire to inspire the economy with creativity and solutions that would internally stimulate us to elevate ourselves and our customers

Quality & Safety

At Servtech, our quality policy summarizes the foundation of our existence and the essential elements of our commitment to excellence and includes :

  • Foster a mindset and build in culture to integrate QHSE into the business strategies and processes.

  • Continuously monitor and record the growth toward the completion of objectives at every process level.

  • Provide engineering and technological support to the maximum, to cater to the advanced needs of the industry.

  • Study regular trends and compare them with objectives to increase our focus on customer betterment.

  • Engage heavily, live by, and work towards our vision, mission, and culture making Servtech a world leader. 

  • Increase efficiency and reduce lead time in order to provide higher quality products and services to the industry.

  • Thrive hard to gain a zero-incident work environment.

  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations and internal requirements.

  • Comply extensively with Servtech’s Code of Conduct.

  • Access and manage the QHSE risks of the business throughout the life cycle and the environmental impacts.

  • Committed to winning our safety and environmental objectives including but not limited to pollution, incidents, etc., and continuously monitor the same.

  • Continuously challenge ourselves to improve our system in order to enhance the efficiency of the processes, eliminate defects and prevent quality incidents through reviewing the objectives and results.


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